Porcelain Piece,
With dust within,
And without,
Holding life,
In memories,
Withholding disrespect,
And depressing tendencies,
Contains lead stones,
Like those in the heart,
But it is a throne,
Of one’s departed half.
See and remember we do,
Shared memories, discoveries,
Jaw – drop epiphanies,
So as wrinkled eyes – Tear,
And trembling hands – Clasp,
This dusty dust within,
Remember the heart does,
One’s love is forever be.
So gone you may be,
But the world shall see,
That I am still with glee,
For you are with me,
A Porcelain Piece,
This may be.


-You may leave but the inanimate still stays. So you shall still live in this inanimate with your grace.