You raised me,
Guided me,
And made me who I am.

A moulder of Clay,
Of a playful brain,
Faith so strong,
My inability dumbfounded,
Faith so strong,
What could I have dreamt of without it.

Lantern on a stray vessel,
Markings on a round bezel,
You let me stray but not astray,
You showed me all without the fall.

But Maa,
There comes a time in every man’s life,
When the soldier leaves for war,
He faces strife,
With no more guiding light,
For his loved ones he will stand tall.
Bleed he will or tear he may,
From now on,
It’ll all be on his own accord.

So thank you for raising me,
And teaching me forever more,
But the time has come,
And it shall be,
From Child to Son.
Thank you Mummy.


-Happy 50th Birthday Mummy. Also, Happy birthday Didi. The two most important and respected women in my life.