Apologize I do,
For not being there for you.
I’ve seen you,
And felt you,
Every step of the way,
A supportive shadow,
One not by choice,
But by fate.
So do not hate,
My absence,
That is the constant presence.
Left long ago,
Like the Big Bang,
My love for you was so momentous,
You still sang,
My favourite song,
For your lovely mom.
So see me now,
As I am,
The effect of defect,
The wholeness of hollow,
The gainful loss.
I was never gone,
Just couldn’t be seen,
Like starry stars in daylight,
And mother’s pride,
Always there,
Never to hide.
You’re my little eddy,
Spinning and twirling through life,
With glee,
And I hope you see,
Your constant,
Father to be.

Your Zephyr.


-To a Brother.