Treacherous Beauty,
A cursed blessing,
Everyone seeks it,
But not much have it,
Ask an angel,
And she will know,
Midas touch,
Is no gold.
Hurt is all that lies around,
A rose had many thorns,
Her smile,
It conceals,
A hidden frown.
Aphrodite hurt many,
Her demigods would know,
You’re now scared,
To be close,
Can’t see another friend,
Turn to a ghost.
But don’t be scared,
For I see your scars,
They’re self-inflicted,
They have you marred.
You are a deity,
A powerful being,
So know your weight,
And do not sink.
Be strong,
And carry on,
I see your pain,
I see whats wrong,
Heracles I am,
Rooted to the ground,
Unwavering in faith,
Loyalty no bound,
Will not fade,
Like Greek Flame,
I will stay,
And revel,
In your fame.


-“You’re so pretty. It must hurt.”    ~”In ways you don’t know”~